Zayna’s Cuts for Kids-A True Treasure in New Jersey

I reside with my family in NYC-and as you can imagine there are a number of excellent hair salons for children. And I take Julia to them on a regular basis. Since I made the decision when Julia was 10 months to give her bangs, she needs to go at a minimum of every 6 weeks for a trim.

Two summers ago Julia and I were looking for something to do. I noticed I had allowed her bangs to get a little too long. We were in NJ for the week. I was familiar with Zayna’s Cuts for Kids because it’s down the block from a fabulous children’s clothing store-Cinderella’s Closet. I decided we should go get Julia’s haircut.

Now I may not have won the sleep lottery (meaning for Julia sleeping in means 7am if I am super, super lucky and usually means 6/6:30am wakeups). However I won the cooperating child getting haircut lottery. Unlike many children who cry and scream during haircuts, Julia has always been fine with it. Maybe the trick is we started at 10 months so it just became routine.

Anyway we drove over-and I admit-I was a little nervous. The place I frequent in NYC is THE PLACE TO GO-and all my friends take their children. What if this place butchered Julia’s hair. Luckily I pushed those nervous thoughts away, and we went to check out Zayna’s Cuts For Kids.

The salon caters to all ages. What sold Julia the minute we walked in was the Princess Station. It’s a Princess Jeep decorated with Disney Princesses-as well as the whole area. They also have a Cars and Safari Station. In addition they have an area for tweens and teens.

At each station there is a television with dvd player so that kids can pick what they want to watch.

After all my jitters about going to a place that I knew nothing about I was ecstatic with Julia’s haircut. So much so that I try to schedule all of Julia’s haircuts for when we will be in NJ. Actually every time we go to NJ Julia asks to go for a haircut at the Princess place. Included with the haircut is a manicure or temporary tattoos.

Besides a Fabulous Hair-Other Reason Parents will LOVE Zayna’s Cuts for Kids because:

-Only chemical free products are used

-Stylists are trained to work with all ages, any kind of hair and children with special needs

-There is a train table that will entertain kids before and after their haircut. On this past visit we ended up staying 20 minutes after Julia’s haircut was done because she was so happy to play at the train table. You can see the lovely braid the stylist did for Julia.

In addition to all of these great things about Zayna’s Cuts for Kids the owners and siblings Moody and Maisha Haopshy have a heart of gold. From the first time I started going they are always trying to raise money for children in need in their community. They recently started Zayna’s Cares so they could give back even more to their community.

Definitely check out Zayna’s Cuts for Kids! Once you take your child to Zayna’s you won’t go anywhere else for your child’s haircut!

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