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Meet and Greet with Mike & Sulley

I often get asked-do I ever get bored with going to the Disney parks? I can answer truthfully no. Because even if it seems like I have done everything there is to do-trust me there is always something I have not had a chance to experience?

I have a soft spot for the lovable characters from Monsters, Inc, especially Mike and Sulley. Somehow meeting them had never worked out. They reside near the Studio Backlot Tour in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But they are only available for Meet and Greets during limited times, and it just never seemed to mesh with my schedule.

Thankfully that was rectified recently. We went to Hollywood Studios with my sister, brother-in-law and nephews, and one of our first stops was meeting Mike and Sully!



While I loved actually meeting Mike and Sully, and all of us taking pictures with them-THIS is one of my most favorite pictures ever!



I have this as my home screen on my Iphone. When Julia starts whining I just hold up the picture, and tell her to read the sign!


Excitement was growing as we waited for Mike and Sully. Even Matty G., my younger nephew, was excited, and he wasn’t happy about meeting any characters!



Well Matty G. was excited who was going to come out of the door, he still wasn’t posing for pictures with them,. However Julia and my nephew Alex jumped in.

This was one of my most favorite meet and greets ever-Mike and Sully were so much fun, and silly. Guess that makes sense-you know now they want to collect the laughter of children not screams!


Sully was also very into selfies! First my brother-in-law took a selfie with Sully.



Hmm-looks like Sully is into the selfie, and Mike is trying to make a getaway, along with my nephew!

Julia was not going to let a chance to take a selfie with Sully pass so we took one with him before saying goodbye!



Ok, we kind of managed to only get Sully’s nose and mouth-but at least we are all smiling!

On your next visit to Hollywood Studios pick up a time guide when you enter the park so you know when Mike and Sully will be meeting and greet with guests. They are a fun duo, and should not be missed!

Question: Have you had a chance to meet Mike and Sully in Hollywood Studios?



  1. During my trip last Nov my friend and I decided to wait to see Mike & Sully and we had so much fun and got some really funny & great photos.

  2. Do you know if we can go from meeting Mike and Sully over to Honey I Shrunk the Kids without walking all the way around? It looks on the map like you should be able to cut through right there but I can’t tell for sure.

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