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Weekend Plans

While we are often in Disney World-when not in the most Magical Place on Earth we reside in NYC. We are lucky-there is so much to do-and my husband and I are trying to take advantage of all NYC has to offer. I have to admit I am very flattered when friends tell me-you, Julia and Jason do such fun things. Or someone will say-gee, I wish I had known about that-sounds like fun, we would have loved to join you.

So I plan to do a Weekend Plans post every Friday afternoon. Please note-my plans may change. Also there are many wonderful sites that list every and all activities that are going on during the weekend. While I may be doing one or two of them-this is in no way a comprehensive list of what is going on in NYC and the surrounding areas.

Two of my favorite sites-and where I get a lot of my ideas are:

Mommy Poppinshttp://mommypoppins.com/

New York Family: http://www.newyorkfamily.com/newyork/

Ok, back to Weekend Plans

The two big activities are: the movies and Make Meaning

Julia keeps seeing the previews for Disney’s movie Chimpanzee.

While we did have the chance to see the movie in a screening we were away that weekend. My thinking was we would see it if Julia expressed interest-and now she says she wants to see it, so we’ll do that this weekend.

My parent’s live in NJ, but they often come into NYC for the weekend. On Sunday we will be with my mom for most of the afternoon. My dad will be working earlier in the afternoon, but then he will be with us later on.

Julia, my mom and I are planning on going to one of the most fun places in NYC-a place that often gets compared to Disney: Make Meaning on the Upper East Side.

Linking my review of Make Meaninghttp://disneywithchildren.com/category/make-meaning/

I am excited-I am thinking this time I may actually make something myself-I’m already mulling over what to choose. I keep trying to come up with a way to decorate a cake! Anyone have a celebration coming up that they would need me to decorate a cake for?

My dad has BIG PLANS for Julia-Julia is very interested in everything that has to do with being a doctor (my dad is a doctor). He bought a children’s book with pop up pictures of, get ready for this, organs. He is so excited to show Julia. She should love it-she is fascinated by everything that has to do with medicine.

Evening Out Sans Julia

As much as we love being with Julia it is nice to go out without her. I know parents reading this can relate! We are going with my parent’s to what I consider the BEST RESTAURANT ON THE UPPER EAST SIDE: Toloache.


While writing an update on weekend plans, and mentioning Toloache-I need to mention an event they are having even though my family sadly won’t be able to attend.

While we won’t be at this one-we have gone to all their other Family Fiesta Brunches-and it is like going to a delicious party in your best friend’s home. We go with friends, and always run into people we know at the brunches!

Whatever you do definitely enjoy and make it a Magical Weekend!

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