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Safety Tat-Don’t Leave Home Without Them

I am thrilled to announce that I am now Safety Tat’s Brand Ambassador. 

I am so honored to have this position. This is one product that I never leave home without-it gives me peace of mind. As I tell family, friends, and readers I am grateful to Michele Welsh for inventing these products that I will never leave home without, consistently have Julia wear, but hope never has to be put into effect.

However, as parents we all know how it literally takes a second for a child to disappear from site. I remember clearly when Julia first started walking we were in a restaurant. I put her down, and reached into my bag for my wallet. Within that one second, she darted off. I think I stopped breathing. Luckily she had darted behind a chair, and a waiter directed her back. But in that instance I saw just how easy and scary it could be to not know Julia’s location.

As we get ready to welcome summer families all over will be going on summer vacations to the beach, theme parks, water parks and a million other places. I hear over and over again about parents who embark on a day out, worry what will happen if their child(ren) gets lost, and write their cell number on the child(ren’s) arm. Michele Welsh herself did this with one summer on a visit to a theme park with her three boys. She explained to her 3 boys to stay with mommy and daddy, but if they did get separated to show the numbers to an adult. Throughout the day she constantly had to rewrite the numbers because between between water, sweat and sunblock they kept getting wiped off. That day inspired her to create Safety Tat-and for that every parent throughout the world should be grateful!

Safety Tat has many different options for tattoos for your children-from traditional ones to peel and stick. There are options for just one cell number, multiple numbers, names of the parents, plus allergies and other pertinent emergency information.

Throughout the next few months I will be reviewing the many options that are offered by Safety Tat. Be assured though, no matter what you choose you are getting a great product that will make your child safer.

Look for my featured posts, plus my tweets and facebook updates about various products regarding Safety Tat. To get started and familiar with Safety Tat I would suggest the Original:


There are various designs to choose from, and you can even purchase a combo pack with boy and girl designs.

Julia’s a big fan of the butterflies-and my nephew Alex is all about the rockets!

I look forward to bringing you more information about Safety Tat-the product I never leave home without!

Click on any of the pictures to learn all about Safety Tat!

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for this post, except for a number of Safety Tat items free of charge for the purpose of review. As always all opinions expressed are my own.


    1. Hi-I can definitely see why you would like that. I am going to pass on the comment to the team at Safety Tat to let them know about your suggestion. Thank you for the reply-it’s so helpful to hear what people want.

  1. Just spent 10 days at Disney World. We had safetytats for our three children and all three of their cousins. Everyone we saw asked us about them and raved about what a great idea they were! I must have given the website to dozens of parents! We were so happy with our kids’ Safetytats! They lasted easily through 5 days of park fun, baths, water parks, pool! We only removed to reapply because our daughter’s skin was getting a bit irritated. She has pretty sensitive skin so we will just plan to change her’s after a few days from now on. If you could get Disney on board with their designs and selling them at the parks you would make tonnes I’m sure!! Seems like a golden opportunity – of course I don’t know the logistics. 🙂

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