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National Princess Week 2012 Continues!

It’s mid week and National Princess Week 2012 is in full force.

Today Julia hadone of her fellow Princesses over for a date. The Princess’s Lady in Waiting (aka Mommy) and I-Julia’s Lady in Waiting went to get manicures. We then went to a fabulous event hosted by The Moms: http://themoms.com/ at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on 83rd and Third Avenue in honor of Clint Black and the upcoming release of his DVD: Flicka Country Pride. NOTE: I will be doing a featured post on this event-loved hearing Clint Black speak about his family, music and Flicka.

The Princesses stayed with Julia’s amazing babysitter who indulged the girls by being Ursula and Prince Eric as they took turns being Ariel. I wish I had a picture. But in honor of National Princess Week I will leave you with a picture of these adorable Princesses taken in the most magical place in the world-Magic Kingdom!

Keep on enjoying and celebrating National Princess Week 2012!

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