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Patemm-A Review of the Ultimate Changing Pad

I am pulling up my post on Patemm Pads from the archives. This week I had the pleasure of meeting Grace Welch-founder and inventor of the Patemm Pad. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I definitely consider the Patemm Pad a must have-whether for everyday use or travel-don’t leave home without one!

If you have a newborn/infant/toddler still in diapers-the one thing you will definitely need besides diapers and wipes is a changing pad. Almost every diaper bag comes with a changing pad-unfortunately they tend to make the job more of a hassle. They are always small and rectangular. Almost always your baby rolls off of it onto whatever surface the pad is lying on. In addition they always need two hands to open-either velcro, bowties or snaps.

My advice, which is what I did, ditch the changing pad that comes with your diaper bag and replace it with the Patemm Changing Pad. I started using mine 1 week after the birth of Ariel. My sister started using hers the day she bought her son home from the hospital.

The Three Best and Unique Aspect of the Patemm

-it’s round and oversized. Your baby can wiggle but she/he will stay on the pad!

-it can be easily opened and closed with one hand!

-when folded it’s compact so easy to take with you

In addition to the top three reasons for having the Patemm and using it daily, it also will come in super handy in Disney World or wherever you travel. Because it’s oval and oversized when opened you can also use it as a traveling playmat. Waiting at the airport or to check into a hotel, open up the Patemm and instant clean, comfy play area.

In Disney World there can be times when you will be waiting-especially when going to character meals and/or shows. Baby getting fussy in the stroller-again, Patemm is there as an instant playmat!

Besides all of the above the Patemm comes in an assortment of fun colors.

Click on the link, and order your Patemm today!Β http://www.patemm.com/default.asp


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