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Freckleface: The Musical, Julianne Moore and Target

A few months ago Julia and I went to see Freckleface Strawberry: The Musical. We both loved it. You can read my review: http://disneywithchildren.com/2011/11/28/freckleface-strawberrythe-musical/

When I got an invite from The Moms: http://themoms.com/ to see Freckleface: The Musical (they changed the name but the story is still the same) with a post show discussion with Julianne Moore-who is the author of the children’s book-Freckleface Strawberry I immediately responded yes!

Note-Julia looks like she is crying, but in fact she is making a funny face!

Jason, Julia and I all went to the event-and we all had a great time. I knew I would have a great time. I think Julianne Moore is one of the most beautiful, talented actresses-honest-I am not just writing that since I am reviewing the event. I was a little worried about Julia since she saw it just a few months ago. But I worried for nothing-she was mesmerized once again by the show. As soon as the show ended she began asking when she could meet the cast (she remembered that from the last time).

Post Show Talk with Julianne Moore

Before meeting the cast we had the Post Show Talk with Julianne Moore. I loved Julianne Moore before this event, but I love her even more now. She was so open, honest and down to earth. They asked anyone who had a question to line up to ask. I tried to get Julia to think of a question to ask-but she just looked at me like I was insane! But seriously-how cute would that have been having Julia ask Julianne Moore a question!

Julianne explained that as a child she was called Freckleface and she hated her freckles. She discussed how as a child it is pretty common to have something about yourself that you hate-you feel it makes you different, embarrasses you, etc. However as you get older you realize it’s not as big a deal as you thought it was as a child. However, in full disclosure she did reveal she still dislikes her freckles. This is what I thought was so amazing about Julianne Moore-she could have sat there and said that she was no longer bothered by the freckles-but she admitted to still disliking them.

Another reason I love her even more-she gets MOMS! She’s a mom of two-a boy who is now 14, and a girl aged 9. Someone asked when did she write the book. Julianne Moore explained she started the book 7 years ago on a plane-the only time she ever gets to be alone. She laughed and then said the moms could relate. Every single mom in the audience could relate!

Julianne Moore being asked a question by the super fabulous, talented twins Tristin and Tyler: http://www.tristinandtyler.com/.

One of the questions asked was whether she will write any more children books-currently she has three: Freckleface Strawberry, Freckleface Strawberry: Best Friends Forever, and Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully-A Freckleface Strawberry Story. She said she hopes to-and I for one would love for her to write another one. We have all three of her books-and they are the best because they are entertaining and teach an important lesson.

Julianne Moore was asked a question that all moms can relate to-how do you find the time for the serious, important conversations with your children when life can be so crazy. Her answer was those conversations usually happen at bedtime and the subway-I loved those answers. So honest, I know for me Julia always asks me questions at night-sometimes important, sometimes trivial but I think it’s her way-and most children’s way of connecting at a time when there are no distractions for the parent(s) or child. Personally I also have found that the bus (we’re more a bus than a subway family) is a great place to really connect with Julia!

After the session with Julianne Moore ended we were invited upstairs for a reception that was sponsored by Target-http://www.target.com/. Before going to the reception I asked if we would be able to meet the cast. The woman in charge said unfortunately no because they had to get ready for their next performance-she was very nice about it. She said if we came back after the 3pm performance we would be able to meet them. Unfortunately we wouldn’t be in the area! Julia must have looked very sad because suddenly she said come with me-I’ll take you backstage so that she can meet the cast. Jason and I were thankful and stunned-and we had one very happy little girl.

After the thrill of meeting the cast and getting her picture taken with all of them we headed upstairs to the reception!

The reception was filled with goodies from Target-http://www.target.com/ and an area servingSoft Serve Fruit Co.  http://www.softservefruitco.com/.

The table was filled with snack packs of Target brand carrots with dip, apples with caramel sauce and little bite size cakes with frosting.

I especially loved the Target carrots with dip as well as the apples with caramel sauce. While other companies make pre-packaged apples Target is the first one I have found to package granny smith apples-my favorite! And the caramel sauce is an added bonus. Julia had a great time eating apples and carrots at the event!

The Soft Serve Fruit Co, was another hit with all of us.  It is 100% natural: non-dairy, free of fat, sodium, cholesterol, glutens, and all 8 major allergens. Seriously-how amazing is that-and it tastes fabulous as well. Julia picked Rasberry-and I only got one bite before it was devoured by Jason and Julia!

On our way out Target gave out bags filled with fun stuff including: markers, makeup bags, coffee, a gift card, a stuffed dog and much more. While I was thrilled with the cosmetic bag and markers-items that are always needed for travel-Julia LOVED the Target stuffed dog!

We had the best day-and all three of us-Jason, Julia and I would recommend taking the family to Freckleface: The Musical. In addition-I recommend checking out the huge variety of pre-packaged snacks Target is offering-I know what snacks I will be bringing on my next trip to Disney World. And when you want a sweet, guilt free treat for yourself or the kids-definitely check out the Soft Serve Fruit Co.!

I was not paid for this review. I did receive tickets free of charge for my family to see Freckleface: The Musical and was given a gift bag from Target. As always all opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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