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The Best Strollers for Disney World!

Three Words-Easy to Fold, Light Weight, and Bright Colors!

I get asked about whether to bring a stroller to Disney World. Of course if you have an infant or toddler there really is no question, but it’s a question that is often asked when a child is 3 or older.

Take a stroller-Disney World is a lot of walking, even preschoolers who almost always shun strollers will be happy to have a place to rest. And if you plan to stay the whole day, preschoolers who haven’t napped in months, maybe even a year, might surprise you by needing a nap. And even if your child never ventures in the stroller-well at least you will have an easy way to cart bags, snacks, jackets and souvenirs.

My Stroller Recommendations

Baby Jogger Strollers! These strollers are the best because they come in bright colors and are a snap to fold. I use the following:

The Baby Jogger City Micro Single Stroller

Unfortunately Baby Jogger has discontinued the Micro. However as of the time of this post you can find it online for approximately 100 dollars. Not only is it easy to fold, but it reclines, has a big basket and a pretty decent sun shade. And the bright color is an added bonus because it really stands out when you have your stroller parked in a sea of strollers.

If you cannot find it when you read this post since it is discontinued I would recommend the following: Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Single Stroller

Now it is more expensive, however like the Micro it is still under 17 pounds, a snap to fold, huge basket and in addition has a much better sun shade and can recline almost flat. I would recommend it in orange since it is brighter than the other options.

Also, both strollers are easily pushed with one hand.

Both models also come in double strollers-if you are traveling with two little ones definitely consider a double. The fold is just as simple as the single!


Maclaren has a model that is great for a preschooler. You would be hard pressed to find a lighter stroller that is also as durable and easy to fold-plus has a decent sun shade and a nice sized basket. The Volo! It comes in different colors, however Maclaren just released one that is perfect for Disneyworld because it is also a bright color meaning it will be easy to find.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Volo

As Ariel is getting older and bigger I am seriously considering getting this stroller for future trips. If I do, I will definitely tell you what I think.

The one downside of the Volo-really the only one-is that there is no recline.

Can I rent a single or a double stroller at the parks? Yes-for a fee you can rent either a single or double. However they are only for use at the park you are visiting, so you can’t take it with you when you leave the park.

My suggestion would be to bring a stroller with you-and you might consider investing in one of the ones above-or at least borrowing from a friend.

Don’t forget a raincover-Do yourself a favor and make sure you have a raincover for your stroller. Florida can get quick showers, even downpours that go away as quickly as they come. However you child(ren) will appreciate not getting wet!


  1. I wholeheartedly agree! I have been to WDW more times than I care to admit and yes, bringing your own stroller is a must. Renting one is a disadvantage for several reasons: first, it is expensive, second, the seats are hard plastic and uncomfortable for your child – no napping there, third, there is little storage, fourth, you cannot use it outside of the park so you cannot use it on the Boardwalk, Downtown Disney (though I believe I may have seen rental strollers there the last time), or on the resort grounds, fifth, there is no rain cover for the rental strollers, sixth, they all look the same so when you come out from a ride and a cast member has moved the stroller it can be difficult to find, seventh, your stroller is almost certainly lighter and easier to push, finally, your child will be more comfortable in their own, familiar stroller.

    When my now four year old wants to walk, my eight year old is still happy to hop into the stroller and have a ride for a bit (quite frankly, I would be too if I could!). This is precisely why we bought a Maclaren with their higher weight limits (good thing my eight year old is little though).

    You will never be sorry you have a stroller. Really, I dread the day we have to go without one.

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